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About Us

The Italian Day Centre in Hobart provides day centre services to people of Italian background who are frail or aged, and younger people with a disability and their carers, to help them to continue to live comfortably in their own home. The services are available to those living in the Greater Hobart area.

The Day Centre is staffed by Manager; Stefano Lufi, Social Support workers and Outreach Workers, Finance Officer and Volunteers. These include the Management Committee of the Italian Australian Pensioners Welfare Association Inc.

The Day Centre Office Hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 4.00 pm and Centre is Open for Clients every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Coffee is available, and lunch is served in the dining room on these days.

Our Fresh Delivered Meals service was launched in April 2006, this service provides the opportunity for anyone who qualifies for the Delivered Meals service to enjoy Italian food, as an alternative to the menu choices available through the usual Delivered Meals service.

Management Committee

  • President Benito Guidi
  • Vice President Liberatore Allocca
  • Elisa Di Giovanni
  • Treasurer Vittorio Ferri
  • Secretary Laura Lufi

Committee Members

  • Carolina Allocca
  • Argentino D’Ettorre
  • Bruno Gentile
  • Matteo Gentile
  • Maurita Giusti
  • Lina Martelli
  • Patrizia Raglione