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Our Italian Delivered Meals service was launched in April 2006, this service provides the opportunity for anyone who qualifies for the Home Delivered Meals service to enjoy Italian food, as an alternative menu choice.

“Italian Kitchen” Delivered Meals is delivering meals to people of all ages, who, through sickness, age and/or disability cannot reasonably get a meal for themselves, and who can remain with dignity and independence in their own homes. There is no means test as eligibility is based on need, according to HACC guidelines. Recipients can receive meals on a long or short term basis, and delivery is three days per week, each Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

What the service offers

“Italian Kitchen” Delivered Meals provides a mid-day meal to the recipient in their own home 3 times a week, usually Monday, Tuesday and Friday, excluding public holidays. The meal is delivered mainly by volunteer drivers and helpers between the hours of 10 a.m. and 1 p.m each Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

The meal consists of three courses: soup or pasta, main course, bread roll and fruit. Depending on area, recipients can receive a hot meal to eat straight away.

Modified meals for special diets are also available.

How can I arrange to receive delivered meals ?

Anyone in need of the “Italian Kitchen” Delivered Meals service can be recommended by Doctors, Health Care Professionals, family, friends or neighbours, or can request meals themselves. This can be done by telephoning “Italian kitchen” Delivered Meals on 6234 2443.

What will Delivered Meals cost me ?

There is a daily charge for “Italian Kitchen” Delivered Meals which may vary from time to time. Contact the Italian Day Centre on 6234 2443 for the current charges.

Italian Delivered Meals needs your help !

Volunteers are always needed to help provide the Delivered Meals service – those with a car and those without. The delivery of meals only takes approximately one and a half hours per month or more frequently if you’re willing. Volunteers have coverage under our personal accident insurance, any admission to hospital as result of an accident, should be as a public patient in a public hospital. Car insurance is a responsibility of the owner, however, insurance carried by the Meals on Wheels Association ensures that volunteer drivers will not lose their “No Claim” bonus or have to pay any excess on their own policy, should they have an accident whilst delivering meals.

If you wish to receive more information about “Italian Kitchen” Delivered Meals, please use our Contact Request Form HERE and we will make sure you are contacted quickly.